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PALAU MOJA. The Catalan Heritage House.

The Palau Moja is the key instrument to disseminate the history and cultural heritage of the Catalan territory and arising the interest in people to visit them. It is a multifunctional space that serves as a promotional display and commercialization point of the Catalan cultural and heritage sites.

The Palau Moja will become a reference for both locals and tourists interested in Catalan culture and heritage of all kinds

The goal is to show and explain the tangible and intangible cultural heritage in an attractive space for visitors, a space which encourages the purchase of cultural and historical related goods as well as the interest of visiting the territory where they are located.

The distribution of the space was conceived to awake the interest through three axes: · Story or tale axis: The history of Catalunya divided into 12 periods and represented by 12 icons · Information axis: maps, tale of the product category · Product axis: Catalan products organized by categories (crafts, culture, fashion, food, merchandising) all ready to be tasted at the cafeteria.

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